The Ultimate Repair Kit (AR15)
Part Number: 60679
The Ultimate Repair Kit (AR15)
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Formerly Part #: BP-26

Parts are packed in display blaster pack

Kit Includes

  • LR-19 A15 Disconnector
  • LR-18 Front Pivot Pin
  • LR-30 Takedown Pin
  • BT-07 Extractor
  • BT-01 Gas Rings (3)
  • BT-16 Firing Pin Retaining Pin (3)
  • LR-27 Detent (Selector)
  • LR-15 Takedown Detents
  • LR-28 Trigger Pin
  • LR-29 Hammer Pin
  • LR-32 Hammer Spring
  • LR-22 Trigger Spring
  • BT-14 AR Firing Pin
  • BT-03 Extractor Pin
  • BL-03 Gas Tube Roll Pin
  • BT-04 Ejector Roll Pin
  • UR-22 Rear Base Spring Pin
  • LR-04 Trigger Guard Pin
  • LR-12 Bolt Catch Release Pin
  • LR-02 Buffer Retainer Spring
  • LR-26 Selector Spring
  • LR-09 Bolt Catch Spring
  • LR-14 Detent Spring
  • UR-05 Ejector Port Cover Spring
  • FS-04 Front Sight Spring
  • BT-05 Ejector Spring
  • UR-08 Extractor Spring Assembly
  • LR-31 Disconnector Spring
  • LR-14 Detent Spring
  • LR-16 Magazine Catch Spring