You Said it, We're Just Repeating it....

"I am currently a sniper/ precision rifle instructor as at privately owned training facility in North Carolina.  I was issued a DPMS LR 308 from work and had my doubts as to the accuracy and reliability of the weapon.  After zeroing the rifle, I found it to be, not only reliable, but achieved 3/4 MOA groups on a regular basis as well as reliable functioning when the weapon was fouled and being fired in inclement weather.  I was so impressed, that I called the company and had a SASS "built" for me.  I broke in the barrel per the instructions and tested several different manufacturers loads.  The weapon not only shot a 1/4 MOA group, but I recently scored 3 for 4 hits on a 12 by 12 plate at 1200 yards.  I have fired many high end 7.62 gas systems, and found the DPMS system to hold its own.  Thank you for producing a quality system at a competitive price."  -Tom A.USTC Firearms and Tactics Instructor

"I have been in afghanistan for the last nine months relying everyday on a DPMS M4.  I depend on it and it has served me well.  I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that I appreciate your quality product and am proud to carry it.  Very Proud.  Thank you DPMS, thank you very much."-Craig H.

"I have recently purchased a DPMS AR-15.  I am very impressed with the performance of the rifle.  It has shot flawlessly ever since I purchased it.  I have had some other breeds and they always have some sort of problems whether it be ejecting or feeding problems.  This rifle has gone without incident.  I just wanted to write you and let you know how much I am impressed with your products and I hope that you keep up the good work on building such a reliable and dependable rifle.  From now on, the ly AR-15 rifle that I am going to purchase is DPMS.  Thank you for building such a great gun.-Dustin H.