Shooting with Bruce Piatt
Posted by Administrator on 4/18/2012 to Team DPMS

Two weekends ago I traveled to St. Augistine Florida for the first of the new 3 Gun Nation Pro Series  matches.  An invitation only, point series match that will determine the eligibility of the top 32 shooters to compete in the final match that will ultimately determine the top 16 shooters in country.  Those top 16 shooters will compete head to head at the finale in Las Vegas during the Shot Show.  This being the third year for 3 Gun Nation/ NBC Sports television man on man shootoff.  If you recall, I fiinished 2nd place in the first year earning a $10,000 prize and was unable to qualify last year due to the "on the job" injuries.  This year is off to a good start, placing 16th at the first match.  Let's keep our fingers crossed.....


Today, Monday the 16th, I returned home from the USPSA MultiGun Nationals in Las Vegas, NV. The match was well run and well attended. Three days of unusually cold weather for Las Vegas kept everyone bundled up for the most part of the day. 12 Stages tested everything out to 400 yards. I shot a good match, not perfect but good enough to finish 4th in Tactical Division.


Tuesday is a laundry, clean guns and pack for a Wednesday flight to the second match in the 3 Gun Nation series, the LaRue Texas MultiGun Championship.  I hope to keep this good shooting on a roll and have another good placing.  


Bruce Piatt

What You've Said...
Len Cutshaw Date 5/9/2012 8:11:36 PM
I am interested to know if the DPMS AR-15 style rifle in .223 rem is a rifle really based on the 5.56x45? I ask because this is what is printed on the barrel. I understand that the throat on the military version is different than the .223 rifle, and that the pressure levels are considerably higher than the .223. I guess my question is what style would I load, the 223 or the 5.56 if there is this difference in your rifle. I know that your company will not endorse the warrenty on a rifle that h
THOMAS HRIBAL Date 11/1/2012
i have a 15 with dove tail style flat top. do you have a weaver style base for this. thinking of using a hollo style sight.
s l swanson Date 11/24/2012
Gentlemen, I personaly own 2 of your fine rifles in cal. 243 and 223 a sweet 16. the LR 243 shoots sub moa with federal 100gr ammo if I do my part. have put about 75 rds through the 223 and it is showing great potential. These guns are used primaraly for bench shooting and prarie dog hunting. Have made a shot on a dog at 275 yards with the 243. Am looking forward to using both next spring. Fine rifles with no problems. Keep up the great work, Am looking forward to my next purchase.
Frank McKeon Date 11/24/2012
What is the muzzle velocity on a 16" 1/10 twist DPMS .308 shooting a Federal 7.62x51 XM118 Long Range load
Peter Swayze Date 12/20/2012
I own one of your fine rifles and I had a thought. It seems every one is configuring another cartridge into an AR platform.... I have a 454 casull and I love the round and I thought maybe it would some day be made to fit into an AR I think the Pig Hunters could use this and maybe more useful else where. I am just into Pig Hunting. Wild Bore is a scourge that needs attention.
DENNIS DOLPH Date 4/20/2018
Would like to know the break in procedure for your 24" stainless fluted bull barrel in 223
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