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The Rapid Engagement Precision Rifle was made to suit the preferences of those that want the same concept rifle as the SASS, but lighter. The 20” Hbar Melonite treated barrel is one of the most durable, long lasting barrels you can buy, plus the lightweight rail system reduces the weight from the SASS rifle without negating accuracy.
  Caliber Weight (lbs) Length Barrel Upper Receiver Twist
  308Win / 7.62 NATO 9.75lbs 36.5"/40.25" 18" Hbar, Melonite treated 416 stainless Extruded 7029 T6 A3 Flattop 1x10

  Lower Receiver Stock Fire Control Handguard Pistol Grip Front/Rear sight Flash Hider
  Billet 7029 T6 Magpul PRS Two-Stage Match Lightweight 4-Rail Free Float Hogue Rubber Grip N/A Optics Ready AAC flash hider/ suppressor adapter