Frequently Asked

1. I bought my DPMS rifle at Wal-Mart what is it?

Wal-Mart carries the Sportical only.


2. Does DPMS make airsoft guns?

No. DPMS does not manufacture, sell or repair airsoft guns.
Please contact the manufacturer Palco Sports at

3. How do I become a DPMS Dealer?

If you wish to place orders for parts & accessories, please contact Inside Sales Division at 1-844-700-0870 or email Mon-Fri 8:00AM - 5:00PM CST.

4. Does DPMS have a newsletter or online specials?

Yes. To subscribe to our email newsletter/special offers, send your email address to

5. Do you have a break in process?

We recommend cleaning the bore after every round for the first 25 rounds, and then clean bore after ten rounds for the next 100 rounds. Our rifles require excessive lubrication on the bolt carrier assembly for proper functioning during break in.

6. Are the 223/5.56 upper and lower assemblies interchangeable with the 308/7.62 upper and lower assemblies?


7. Why don't I receive emails from DPMS (order confirmations or special offers)?

Make sure DPMS is in your "Safe Sender" list in your email application. Some corporations/companies may have restrictions set up on their email servers. To avoid having DPMS marked as spam by your corporate email filter, it is best to use your personal email address when ordering.

8. Is there a difference between 5.56 NATO and .223 Rem?

Yes, despite external dimensions being identical, 5.56 NATO ammunition is a higher pressure round than commercial .223. If your rifle is chambered in .223 only .223 should be used as using .556 NATO can create an unsafe high pressure condition. If your rifle is chambered in 5.56 NATO it is safe to fire both .223 and 5.56 NATO.

9. What Ammunition should I use for best accuracy?

Every rifle is different but as a baseline this is what is recommended as a starting point.
5.56/223 1x9 twist 50-55gr (match grade)
308/7.62 1x10 twist 168-175gr (match grade) 168gr match seeming to be the best overall

10. My brand new DPMS rifle jams why?

11. What is my rifle chambered in?

The specific chambering of the rifle is stamped on the bottom side of the barrel in front of the gas block/front sight.

12. I just bought a DPMS rifle at a gunshow, and want to know if it factory built how can I tell?

We stamp the letter "K" on the end of the serial number (eg. FH12345K) to indicate a NON factory built rifle. No "K" in the serial number means factory built.

13. My DPMS post ban rifle has a compensator on it, can I remove it?

No, DPMS permanently pins and welds the compensator to post ban rifle barrel.

14. Do other magazines work in the LR-308 line of rifles?

Yes, Magpul Pmags also work with the LR-308 series

15. What does DPMS stand for?

DPMS stands for Defense Procurement Manufacturing Services.