Charles “Tate” Moots

My full name is Charles Tate Moots, but everyone has called me “Tate” my entire life.  I consider myself to be a good person, and work hard to show the world that I am.  I also work hard to be a good competitor.  I was raised proper, and believe in things like being honest, being polite, and being the best representative of my Christian beliefs that I can.

I have been a sponsored shooter since 2004.  I shot my first major match in 2001.  I started my first year of competition shooting by shooting mostly IPSC matches.  I quickly realized my passion for the sports and jumped in full throttle, or at least as much as my job would allow.  I competed in about three major matches that first year, and the final match was the USPSA 3-Gun Nationals.  I watched the big boys shoot several stages, and the Manually Operated Rifle stages, and knew I wanted to get some of that action.  Every year since 2001, I have competed in as many matches as I can get to.  I have continuously learned the sports more and more.  I have learned many lessons while competing, but none more important than having fun and enjoying the sports.  The people that I have met at the matches are second to none, and the competitors are class act people! 

• Sheriff’s Deputy - Eddy County Sheriff’s Department - Carlsbad, NM
• Firearms Instructor, SWAT, Dignitary Protection
• U. S. Border Patrol Agent - U. S. Border Patrol - Port Isabel, TX
• Firearms Instructor, Bicycle Patrol, Academy Instructor @ the Federal Law Enforcement Center Glenco, GA,
   National Firearms Unit Assignment, Test and Evaluation Agent
• U. S. Federal Agent - U. S. Department Of Energy/ National Nuclear Security Agency
• Convoy Commander, Unit Commander, Tactical Commander, Heavy Weapons Leader, Fire Team Leader, Special Response Force,
   Firearms Instructor, Tactics Instructor, Test and Evaluation Agent
• Student - Bachelor’s Degree - Business/ Organizational Psychology and Development

• Police Olympics 5 Gold Medals, 2 Silver Medals, and 1 Bronze Medal
• USPSA Manual Operated Rifle Champion
• Ft. Benning Heavy Metal Champion
• Midwest 3-Gun Championship Tactical Optics Heavy Champion
• NRA Tactical Rifle Champion
• R & R Racing 3-Gun Heavy Tactical Optics Champion
• DPMS Heavy Metal Champion
• DPMS High Law Enforcement
• Rocky Mountain 3-Gun Heavy Metal Champion
• Rocky Mountain 3-Gun High Law Enforcement
• I have placed at the top in almost every match I have competed in over the last few years

• DPMS Panther Arms
• Leupold & Stevens
• Point Blank body armor
• Tactical Solutions

Upcoming Events

Sniper's Hide Cup, La Rue 3-Gun, Blue Ridge Mountain 3 Gun Championship (Maybe)
Trooper Challenge (LE and Military Match), Tac Pro Sniper Match,
Midwest 3-Gun Championship, MGM Iron Man 3-Gun,
Sabre/ Johnson 3-Gun, R & R Racing 3-Gun, DPMS Tri-Gun,
Rocky Mountain 3-Gun, NRA Tactical Police/ PPC Championships, USPSA Multi-Gun Championships, Ft. Benning 3-Gun

Personal note:
I have a wonderful family that supports me in what I do. My wife Danna, daughter Savannah, and son Tristin

I love to hunt, and was fortunate enough to take a World Class Aoudad this year.