A Conversation with Charles "Tate" Moots
Posted by Administrator on 7/6/2012 to Team DPMS
DPMS - Congrats on your recent win at the He-Man championship. How would you rate the match compared to others you’ve shot this year? 
Tate -  Thank you. I had a great time shooting the match, JJ and Denise always take time and come up with some great stage designs. The NRA Whittington Center is a magnificent place to hold a 3-Gun match because of its beautiful scenery of mountains and wildlife. The courses of fire for each stage are open terrain with ravines, mountains and wide open valleys. I have never shot at another range where this is allowed or even possible for obvious safety reasons. The NRA Whittington Center has thousands of acres where all this stage design can be done safely with very large fields of view for firing courses. The turnout of people wasn’t as good as I would have thought this year, but you can bet that next year it will be better and the year after that, even better. The good matches fill up quickly. This was the first year for the He-Man Championship, but it is a very good match and it will grow fast. I look forward to it next year. 

DPMS -  What do you think is driving new shooters into the sport? 
Tate - I’m sure there are many factors from the additional media coverage to word of mouth. A friend telling his buddy how much fun he is having in 3-Gun and then taking him out to try it out then another buddy. Before you know it, another friend is taking someone else he knows and the chain of events passes on to other buddies. Plain and simple, 3-Gun is the best sport for getting every action packed scenario you can imagine and then shoot three types of firearms instead of just one. The people involved in 3-Gun are a great group of people. I have seen very cool people do great things from helping a new shooter through a stage, to loaning equipment, to even giving a prize gun to a new shooter. The people in 3-Gun are COOL! 

DPMS - What is your favorite DPMS rifle setup? 
Tate -  I shoot several different models in different sports in the different categories within those sports, but the 308 3G1 is probably my favorite. I have the 308 3G1 design that I have been shooting for over seven years in competition. That is one tough rifle!

 DPMS - For you, whats the most fun you can have with a gun? 
Tate -   I love shooting. 3-Gun competition is about the most fun you can have with a gun, or three, as you are shooting CRAZY fun stages with three guns and great people. 

DPMS -  Is there any key skill that a new competitor should focus on to improve their shooting?
Tate -  Yes, be safe and HAVE FUN! If you go out and give this sport a try, have fun. The speed and accuracy will come with time, practice and patience. If you go out and get frustrated because you aren’t beating the guys, who have probably been doing this for a long time, you will just be missing out on some real fun. As I have stated, the people in 3-Gun are cool, they will work with you and help you to have a great time. I have won matches and I have been very low on the score board and I can say that it really doesn’t matter where you finish as long as you are having fun. 

Skills to work on as you go are: 
Accuracy – Learn what you are capable of hitting at any given distance and in any given time frame. You might have a rifle target out to 500+ yards, a slug target out to 100+ yards, a pistol target out to 75+ yards, or a clay flying, flipping, swinging, or crossing. 

Positions – The people who design these stages come up with some crazy and awkward positions to shoot from, so practice getting into and out of awkward positions and take notice of how they feel and what you can hit from each. 

Practice with your gear – Learn where your gear works for you. As you are running, jumping, rolling, crawling and fumbling around, you will be needing gear, and while you are shooting a match is not the best time to figure it out.
Practice with your firearms – Learn how they feel when they run empty, jam, recoil, and cycle. Learn what they are capable of to build confidence in your game.