5.56 LCAR

MSRP: $749

The DPMS LCAR delivers performance exceeding Mil-Spec carbines.

4150 Chrome-moly vanadium FNC treated 1x8 twist barrel for maximum durability, longevity, and improved accuracy with a broader range of ammunition types.Ready to hit the field or the range out of the box, the LCAR is equipped with a true F-Marked Carbine height front sight and folding Magpul back up rear sight.Mil-spec 6 position M4 Stock Mil-spec 7075 receivers and M16 Bolt carrier assembly

Reliability, Quality, & Value.

FNC Treatment (Ferritic Nitrocarburizing) is a hardening process that improves barrel performance over Mil-Spec Chrome plating in terms of barrel longevity, corrosion resistance, and accuracy. By diffusing carbon and nitrogen into the barrel steel rather than adding a layer of material (as is the case in traditional chrome plating) the LCAR barrel is more durable and corrosion resistant without negatively effecting accuracy.

CaliberWeight (lbs)LengthBarrelStockTwist
5.56 NATO8.5 lbs36.5"16" Lightweight FNC (Melonite) treated6 position Mil Spec M41x8