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The classic .308 rifle, just like the .223, but bigger. This larger model features an A3 style flattop receiver and removable carry handle. Ideal for the AR enthusiast that believes a riflesmans skill is best tested with peep sights.
  Caliber Weight (lbs) Length Barrel Upper Receiver Twist
  308Win / 7.62 NATO 11.15 lbs 41.5" 20" Hbar 4140 Chromemoly Extruded 7029 T6 A3 Flattop 1x10

  Lower Receiver Stock Fire Control Handguard Pistol Grip Front/Rear sight Flash Hider
  Billet 7029 T6 A2 Fixed Stock Standard AR-15 A2 standard length A2 Mil-spec A2 / Detachable 308 A3 Carry Handle Panther Flash Hider